Pledge of perfect cleanliness

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Cleaning ventilation systems

During the operation of exploitation of any building in ventilation systems accumulate household dust, grease, microbial deposits, leading to the spread of various transmitted by airborne droplets. Clogged ventilation system leads to disruption of normal air circulation and ventilation of the premises and therefore, to the risk of poisoning harmful substances or fire. To avoid this it is necessary to carry out regular cleaning of the ventilation system. Cleaners company provides a full range of services for professional cleaning of ventilation and air conditioning systems. A competent cleaning of a ventilation system requires certain knowledge and modern equipment. We use professional equipment of the 6picFinnish manufacturer Pressovac for cleaning and disinfection of ventilation ducts.
In the arsenal of our company there is all the necessary equipment: brushing machines for cleaning both round and rectangular ducts, powerful vacuum cleaners forrecycling, collecting dirt and cleaning of ventilation systems; filters for filtering installations; Equipment for manual and automated disinfection of ventilation; that will simplifies the working process. We carry out work on cleaning and disinfecting ventilation systems at diverse facilities: factories, office buildings, office buildings, schools, cafes and restaurants. Carrying out cleaning provides fire and biological safety of the building, comfortable indoor climate, security and increase the service life of ventilation equipment.