Pledge of perfect cleanliness

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Cleaning pools

The pool is not only an integral part of a fitness club or sauna, but is widespread in private homes and cottages.

Maintenance of the pool – a laborious process. Availability of modern equipment and filters is not a guaranteethat proper purity will be provided, so the pool needs regular thorough cleaning and disinfecting.Experts of the company Cleanersperfectly cope with this work.

Professional cleaning of the pool – is a set of procedures for the diagnosis of its technical equipment, remove debris and dirt and disinfection.


  • Our company’s services include:
  • Preliminary determination of the degree and extent of contamination and the selection of the optimal type of cleaning
  • mechanical cleansing of the pool
  • applying a special solution, softening calcium-containing deposits
  • mechanical processing using Disk rotary machine
  • cleansing tile joints from algae and water stone
  • removing and washing away working solution
  • disinfection using professional chemicals

We use only proven, safe and hypoallergenicchemicals and special equipment that carefully remove deeply ingrained dirt.