Pledge of perfect cleanliness

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Cleaning of windows and showcases

Windows are an important element of the external appearance of any building. Clean windows not only please the eye andlet in light as well, but also with regards to offices and industrial premises, it gives them a presentable look.

 Cleaning of windows and facades of buildings – this is one of the most popular services provided by our company. Cleaners Company performs the washing of windows and showcases in various sizes, regardless of the degree of contamination. We use the best specialized equipment and detergents. Effective chemical solutions carefully remove the most stubborn dirt.Availability of professional industrial climbers which allow us to carry out the washing of windows and various structures located at a high altitude. Services are performed without disrupting the workflow of your company.

In the arsenal of services include:

  • cleaning of windows in apartments, offices, commercial and industrial premises
  • wash window sills, frames, cornices
  • cleaning of building facades
  • Washing windows and advertising structures