Pledge of perfect cleanliness

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Cleaning apartments and cottages

Cleaning apartments and cottages

Neat and clear apartment – a source of good mood and comfortable life. To maintain a perfect cleanliness in the house or apartment requires a lot of time and physical strength. If spring cleaning seems unbearable to you, do not torture yourself, because you can always contact our cleaning company.“Cleaners” experts help you make professional cleaning of residential premises in the shortest time. Our staff carries out general cleaning and maintaining houses and apartments. We use washing vacuum cleaners KARCHER, which are distinguished by their broad functionality and are ideal for general cleaning of all types of surfaces. Services provided include:

  • wet cleaning of floor and carpet, window sills, and other surfaces
  • dry vacuuming
  • removing dust from furniture and appliances
  • cleaning and polishing mirrors, glass doors, partitions
  • washing windows, shutters and frames
  • washing the kitchen and tiles
  • cleaning bathrooms and toilets
  • taking out the trash


Cleaning services for apartments and cottages may be done as a one-time or periodically: once a week, a month.

In result – the overall cleanliness of your apartment or house.