Pledge of perfect cleanliness

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Residential Cleaning Services
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Windows are an important element of the external appearance of any building. Clean windows not only please the eye andlet in light as well, but also with regards to offices and industrial premises, it gives them a presentable look.  Cleaning of windows and facades of buildings – this is one of the most popular services […]

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After construction cleaning – the final stage of renovation of repaired premises, be it an apartment, office or industrial space. After any repair remains a huge amount of construction waste, dust, stains, traces of glue, paint and building mortars on floor coverings and other surfaces. Implementation afterconstruction Cleaning withyour own hands- this is a complex […]

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Neat and clear apartment – a source of good mood and comfortable life. To maintain a perfect cleanliness in the house or apartment requires a lot of time and physical strength.

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Contamination soft furniture or carpets in the house – it is an inevitable problem that anyone may face with. Stains from food, beverages and other household coloring preparations, dust accumulation lead to rapid aging and wear furniture upholstery and carpets.

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Blinds – one of the essential attributes of the office. The appearance of textile blinds led to the popularization of their use also in a residential installation. Located directly next to the windows, they quickly accumulate the street dust and soot, therefore its recommended to clean them at least 2 times a year.

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Carpet – is difficult to clean coating that accumulates all the dust of debris, animal dander in itself.Removing these contaminants by vacuum is almost impossible, as the dirt is clogged deep in the pile and becomes inaccessible for surface purification.

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The pool is not only an integral part of a fitness club or sauna, but is widespread in private homes and cottages.
Maintenance of the pool – a laborious process. Availability of modern equipment and filters is not a guaranteethat proper purity will be provided, so the pool needs regular thorough cleaning and disinfecting.Experts of the company Cleanersperfectly cope with this work.

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