Pledge of perfect cleanliness

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Blinds Cleaning

Blinds – one of the essential attributes of the office. The appearance of textile blinds led to the popularization of their use also in a residential installation. Located directly next to the windows, they quickly accumulate the street dust and soot, therefore its recommended to clean them at least 2 times a year.

Blinds – it’s a pretty capricious subject which requires a particular approach. Cleaning of blinds with own strength is not safe, as it is very easy to damage them. The Cleaners company carries out the cleaning of blinds both vertical and horizontal configuration of any material: textile, metal, wood. Experienced specialists will perform the cleaning of blinds with any degree of contamination. In the presence of the best facilities and equipment necessary which guarantees the safety of their color and appearance. We exclude the possibility of any damage and deformation. Thework is carried out at the customer premises or off site, according to your wishes.